// L&D engagement highlights


// house series pt. 1

well hello there!

these past couple of months have been extremely busy for me so it’s been hard to find the time to update my portfolio .. since returning from Spain, I have photographed a wedding, traveled to Michigan & to Maryland. Tomorrow I embark on my fourth — and last — adventure of the summer!

last week I was given the privilege to document a couple’s house before they moved! here are some favourites of the kitchen.


// washington D.C

// a little update

.. and a big upgrade.

I made a significant purchase about a week ago–I bought a new camera to replace my Canon 70D. It is a Canon 6D, my first full frame DSLR.

It was kind of like buying a new car. Your car doesn’t have to be nice to get you to where you need to go–but of course the better it is, the easier it can be. The same applies to cameras. It’s not really about how “professional” your camera is. An true artist can capture a breathtaking photo with any decent camera, including most phones nowadays (I use my iphone 5s all the time). However, the process can certainly become a lot smoother if you invest in a nice camera.

That being said, I’m excited to have this new tool in my tool belt and I can’t wait to make some good art in the coming days.

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